What to Expect in The Dorm

Living in the dormitory is fun for students who like independence and meeting people from all over the world. There are rules in the dormitory to help everyone have a safe and pleasant stay. You will receive these rules upon arrival. If you don’t understand them, you can ask for help from a WESLI staff member or another student.

WESLI Dormitory Infographic

  • No smoking or pets. You must not smoke or keep pets anywhere inside the building.
  • Guests. If there are any empty beds in the unit, you must not have guests sleeping in those beds. If those beds are used by a guest, the student will be charged one night’s fee and the cost of cleaning the room.
  • Key. If you lose your key, you must pay a fee to have the key and lock replaced. If you don’t return the key on the day when you move out, you will be charged for your room until you return the key.
  • Cleaning. You should clean your apartment regularly. You must take out trash and clean your bathroom frequently. When you move out, your room must be clean in order to receive your security deposit back.
  • Noise. You must respect other students, and not make a lot of noise between 10:00pm and 7:00am.

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You will live with three other students in your apartment. You will share a bathroom and bedroom with one of them, and the kitchen and living room with all three roommates. If you are considerate and flexible, you will make many new friends and have a good time experiencing your special time in the U.S.

You and your roommates are responsible for keeping your apartment clean and the furniture and appliances in good shape. If something is missing or broken, tell the Dormitory Manager immediately. Please respect your roommates by washing your own dishes and keeping the shared area clean. Please understand that food and personal habits are different in different countries. However, if you believe there is a situation that is not acceptable, talk to WESLI’s Housing Coordinator.


You will cook for yourself. There are places nearby where you may shop for food, personal care products, and food from your country. You will receive this information when you arrive. If a student cooks most meals in the dorm, she or he can plan on spending about $200-300 per month on food.
You might also share some things with your roommates. You can buy these things together and share the cost: hand soap, bathroom and kitchen cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and some food or spices.


Madison is a safe place. To further ensure safety, there is a high-tech security system and surveillance cameras in the dormitory building. You should always keep your apartment door locked to prevent theft.

Moving Out and Extending Stay

You must stay in the dormitory for at least two months (one session) before you move. You must tell the Dormitory Manager 10 days in advance whether you plan to move out or extend your stay at the end of the session.