The mission of Wisconsin English as a Second Language Institute (WESLI), a for-profit, stand-alone IEP, is to prepare students to be collaborative leaders in their chosen academic and professional environments.  WESLI will accomplish this mission through exceptional ESL Instruction and Student Services; guided by the following principles as applied to all areas of the organization, staff and students alike:

Cultural Competence: We strive for continued awareness of our individual values and how those affect the way we approach differences.  Knowledge and skills which facilitate cross-cultural communication are developed in the spirit of respect, openness and curiosity.

Collaboration: We co-facilitate the accomplishment of tasks and goals with the understanding that all members of the organization participate with their individual strengths along with the benefit of their previous education and experience.

Critical Thinking: We cultivate the courage to develop an individual viewpoint with the understanding that it is partial and complementary; the depth and rigor of thought that requires all material be held to the same standards of proof; the understanding of our connection to solutions to problems; and the perseverance to apply insight with the understanding that best interests will be served by allowing people to come to their own conclusions.