“To me, WESLI is not just a school, it is my home that I love. Someday I hope to return!”

   – Hadi, Saudi Arabia

“I studied at WESLI 5 years ago, and it still is one of the best experiences of my life!”

– Greta Weller, Mexico

“Observing real university lectures is an important activity in our academic classes. I learned real spoken English in class this way, now I can understand both casual and academic English. If you go to an American university coming to WESLI first will help you a lot.”

– Yuka Yamamoto, Japan

“My two elder brothers studied in WESLI and recommended me to study here. Compared to other schools especially the ones in Britain, WESLI is located in a great city. Madison is a city just for students! Hence, I didn’t have any trouble getting used to living here. People are friendly and helpful to foreign students.”

– Gulay Ugurlu, Turkey

“If you want to study at a college or get an MBA, you should study here before going to school. The university advisor will also help you choose the school and explain how to apply. For most schools in Wisconsin, you don’t have to take the TOEFL test as long as you get a WESLI recommendation.”

– Eric Wu, Taiwan

“I am now in graduate school in the US preparing for my Ph.D. WESLI was my starting point in preceding my higher education. WESLI has the perfect learning environment. It encourages students to gain knowledge and its teachers are well experienced and have been around the world. It is the best school to study English!”

– Azzam Azzahoufi, Saudi Arabia

“I participated in a lot of activities like volunteering, exercising, dancing, music concerts, traveling with native speakers, and so on. Enjoying many activities helped me improve my English and to meet a lot of young native speakers.”

– Lena Kim, South Korea

“Before I decided to come here, I asked WESLI many questions by email. They always answered me right away. The applying process was quick and easy. WESLI is the best ESL school because of the outstanding education I received and thanks to its teachers who are always available to help students.”

– Caroline Sow, Burkina Faso

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