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Dependents will need and F-2 visa to come with you to Madison. Please write the name, date of birth, country of birth, country of citizenship, gender, and relationship (spouse, child) to you for each dependent:
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Do you want an Overseas Conditional Admission to a WESLI partner university ($100)?*
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If a student will study with an F-1 visa, they must have insurance while studying at WESLI.
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Students are required to show funds for study to get an I-20 and visa. Any bank statements must show a balance that is equal to or greater than the total costs for the student's length of study and at least $5,000 for 2 months of study or less.
How will you fund your studies while at WESLI?*
If Financial Sponsor, what is the source type:
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An Application Fee ($125) is due with your application materials. You can pay this and other fees after this application online with PayPal or contact us to complete other payment methods.
Payment Method:*
Is the student under 18 years old on Start Date? There is a Under 18 Enrollment Fee ($50) for students younger than 18.*
Is the student under 17 years old on Start Date? Students under 17 need to submit a Guardianship Form to complete their application materials. We will email the form if you need to complete it.*
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I agree to be fully responsible for tuition, all living and personal expenses while studying at WESLI. I affirm that I understand all F-1 students must have health insurance while studying at WESLI. I ceritfy that I have provided accurate information. I understand that by signing this application form, I (or parent/guard- ian of student if under 18) allow WESLI to use all photographs, film, and audio that WESLI creates during my studies without further approval. If I wish to be exempt from photographs, film, or audio, I understand I must let a Student Services Coordinator know by the first week of study. For parent/guardian of student under 18: I give permission for this student to receive emergency medical treatment while he/she is living in the United States.*
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