Class Information

You can mix and match WESLI’s English courses to suit your goals. There are seven levels at WESLI, 100 – 700. Full-time students will choose four courses in the level in which they are placed. If you want to learn English for your own enjoyment, you can take any of the following courses to learn and have fun!


Beginning Levels (100, 200 and 300): After completing Level 300, a student can conduct basic conversations, manage everyday life in an English-speaking environment, and read and write simple material. 

Intermediate Levels (400 and 500): After completing Level 500, a student can converse comfortably on most subjects, read some basic academic and professional texts, and write an academic-style essay.

Advanced Academic and Business Skill Levels (600 and 700): After completing levels 600 and 700, a student can conduct business in English, participate in most professional situations, and is ready to succeed in an American university program.

For more information about our levels, please see our Student Learning Outcomes.


Students have required homework for all classes at WESLI. Most homework is writing, reading or listening. Many of the assignments are creatively designed to encourage students to use English in daily life. You will conduct surveys, participate in local events, listen to radio programs, attend university lectures, or design a magazine advertisement.


At the end of each session, students receive grades and comments from teachers on their performance. Grades are determined by the students’ ability to meet the class objectives, demonstrated through class participation and homework. Grades are on a scale of ‘A-F’. In most classes, a student must receive at least a ‘D’ in order to pass to the next level. A ‘C’ is required to enter 500 and 600 Academic Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. A ‘BC’ is required to enter 700 Academic Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Transcript and Certificate of Completion

Upon completion, students may receive a transcript and certificate.