WESLI and Universities

Wisconsin has a long tradition and a history of excellence in higher education. Wisconsin colleges and universities are known worldwide for their academic excellence and innovation in education. They have earned respect as described in publications such as U. S. News & World Report, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Princeton Review, and The New York Times.

Study in Wisconsin

There is a school in Wisconsin to meet your needs, whether you are seeking an academic degree program or a specialized certificate program. Choose from Wisconsin’s:

  • 13 UW-system four-year universities.
  • 13 UW two-year colleges.
  • 20 private and independent colleges and universities.
  • 52 technical colleges.

Guaranteed Transfer Program

Two-year UW Colleges students may transfer to any other UW-system four-year university with all of their credits. The student must be enrolled in the Guaranteed Transfer Program, have completed 30 credits (two years), and have no less than a 2.5 grade point average.

Part-Time University Classes

WESLI can help you arrange part-time study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Edgewood College, Lakeland College, Madison College (MATC), Herzing University or Upper Iowa University.

This allows eligible students to obtain university credits before their English studies are completely finished, or to polish their English by experiencing university classes in an area of interest.

To be qualified for part-time university study, a WESLI student must have successfully completed WESLI’s 600 academic level.