TOEFL Waiver Program

 For over 30 years, WESLI has prepared thousands of students for success in U.S. university programs. Because of WESLI’s excellent reputation for academic English preparation, more than 30 universities and colleges in the Wisconsin area accept a WESLI Recommendation in place of a TOEFL score. WESLI students who successfully complete the 700 level academic courses can receive a WESLI Recommendation. It can be used instead of TOEFL and IELTS for any of the undergraduate or graduate programs with whom WESLI has an agreement.

TOEFL Waiver Universities

Universities in Other States

If you want to go to a university that doesn’t have an agreement with WESLI, our University Advisor can guide you through the process of choosing and applying to any college or university in the US. The advisor will help you with the application and inform you of any tests you may need for your chosen program. As with most of the special services offered by WESLI, there is no charge for this service.