About WESLI Workplace

WESLI Workplace is Available in Two Packages:

WESLI Workplace-Professional is designed for working professionals who speak English as their second language, emphasizing communication skills needed to participate and advance in today’s global marketplace. 

WESLI Workplace-Occupational courses are designed for businesses in manufacturing, or service industries such as hospitality and restaurants, or any businesses that require target improvement of specific language skills. As every client’s needs are unique, each WESLI Workplace course is customized to meet those needs.

Both WESLI Workplace-Professional and Occupational courses feature:

  • on-site instruction.
  • customized courses.
  • industry specific instruction.
  • flexible course hours.
  • experienced and qualified teachers.

Locations and Hours

WESLI Workplace is considerate of our clients’ busy schedules and offers flexible course hours at your business/office, or at our downtown Madison facilities.

WESLI Workplace Cost

Customized courses start at $100 per contact hour depending on class size, length and location. Cost includes all travel time, grading, preparation, and assessment. Contact workplace@wesli.com for more information regarding pricing and availability.