Occupational English Instruction

WESLI Workplace-Occupational courses are designed for businesses in manufacturing, or service industries such as hospitality and restaurants, or any businesses that require target improvement of specific language skills. As every client’s needs are unique, each WESLI Workplace course is customized to meet those needs. A typical course is six to eight weeks in length and meets two times a week for an hour or two.

According to the Illinois Literacy Development Center (1993), there are two primary reasons why some businesses provide instruction:

Quality improvement: To improve production techniques or workflow, companies provide training. The success of this instruction relies on the ability of employees to understand and implement the required changes. Employees’ basic skills need to be raised.

Commitment of top management to training and education: Training in general knowledge and skills not only helps workers do their jobs better, but also allows employees to pursue their own goals. Businesses that include training and education as part of their management philosophy have workers who are more motivated and who are better equipped for change in technology or work processes.

Target improvement areas in may include:

  • expressions of understanding.
  • customer care.
  • occupational vocabulary.
  • oral communication.
  • schedules and tasks.
  • work-related Q & A.
  • business etiquette.
  • safety issues.
  • work reports.