Professional English Instruction

Your organization has expertise in your field. But do all team members convey that knowledge effectively in English to get the results you want? We at WESLI understand the complexities of communicating in the professional and business spheres. Our highly qualified faculty offers customized instruction to target the skills each team member needs to succeed professionally and to promote the goals of the entire organization. WESLI Workplace-Professional is designed for working professionals who speak English as their second language, emphasizing communication skills needed to participate and advance in today’s global marketplace.

Presentation Skills

Non-native speakers of English are often nervous about speaking in front of groups. They must consider the complexities of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in addition to creating a well-organized, concise and visually appealing presentation. WESLI can help professionals learn strategies for more effective presentations by improving posture, body language, voice projection, speech rate and intelligibility. Improved public speaking skills will ensure that the audience focuses on the message rather than being distracted by the performance of the speaker.

Oral Communication

Oral communication skills are critical for the kind of social networking necessary to advance in any career. Even while casually talking about his/her product or research, a speaker must consider aspects of the listener such as educational level, familiarity with the topic and social status. Choosing the communicative “package” that is most effective for each circumstance is a skill that all speakers, but especially non-native speakers, can develop to have more successful interactions.


Many well-educated professionals who speak English as their second language have mastered the vocabulary and grammar they need, yet still have trouble communicating due to mispronunciation. WESLI can help such speakers identify and modify their speech sounds, stress, and intonation, which cause the most serious miscommunication. An experienced WESLI instructor will evaluate the speakers and customize a plan to target the needs of individuals or small groups. After completing the course, students will experience increased confidence and communicate more effectively, thus removing barriers to advancement.


WESLI can help students acquire a well-developed vocabulary, including words in general use and field-specific terms. Using synonyms in paraphrasing, recognizing implied meanings, and using words in natural phrases are all important skills, which can maximize communicative effectiveness.