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Our employees that attended have more confidence in their English skills and the teambuilding benefits of the group have been great. They work together better and are more open to seeing others, just like they see themselves. Very valuable from many perspectives: great benefit for our employees who struggle to find time to go to school and work. Can use the skills they learn on the job and in their personal lives.

Carolyn Whittaker – Human Resources Director, The Madison Concourse Hotel & Governor’s Club

Excellent teachers who are very passionate about what they do. Personalized learning! The teachers recognize my accent patterns and know exactly how to help me to improve my English. I can see people understanding me better.

Susana Vazquez – Manager of Accreditation and Quality Measurement, Group Health Cooperative

Thank you very much for helping me to improve my English. The past six weeks were fast and joyful. I will continue to use the techniques and tools I learned from the class to improve my speaking.

Jackie – SAFC-Pharma

The course provides personal attention to each one’s needs and can cover a wide range of materials if necessary. This helps the student in forming a better understanding of the areas that needs improvement.

Ye – Epic Corporation

We get great personal attention. The class materials and activities were diverse, and covered a wide range of topics, which was helpful and interesting at the same time. I can say that the best part for me was the grammar revision that we did, as well as the conversations around the use of everyday English in America.

Benny – Epic Corporation