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#YouAreWelcomeHere & Mother Language Day

Happy International Mother Language Day! WESLI celebrates the diverse language backgrounds of all of our students. We put together “welcome” video to let you know that “You Are Welcome Here!”

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Teachers Gave Me Confidence In My English

Arriving at WESLI has been an intimidating experience. I must admit that it was hard at first, the program was demanding and you have to deal with cultural differences every day. But talking about WESLI is like talking about family –

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Free English Conversation Classes begin 01/18/17

WESLI is offering a Free English Conversation Class for WESLI and community members in January. These classes are taught by teachers in WESLI’s Teacher Training Program. No homework! Fun classes! Practice listening and speaking English! There are usually 3 levels

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What is a Wisconsinite?

The beautiful people who live in Wisconsin call themselves Wisconsinites. WESLI is located at the heart of downtown Madison–Wisconsin’s state capital. WESLI students quickly learn being a Wisconsinite is more than just a person who loves cheese. Recently, a group

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Trip to Noah’s Ark: America’s largest water park!

One of the most popular WESLI activities of the summer took place on July 30th, 2016. WESLI teacher and student services coordinator, Ryan, went with a group of WESLI students to the world’s largest water park, Noah’s Ark. There was

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