Finding a Job

Having a TEFL certificate from WTTP gives you the freedom to live and teach anywhere in the world. Our comprehensive, on-site TEFL certificate includes a practicum which provides you with the opportunity to apply to more reputable schools and language institutes. These institutions generally offer higher pay and better working conditions than  would be available to graduates from only on-line or weekend TEFL certificate programs. WTTP staff can assist you with editing your resume, writing cover letters, practicing interviews and creating a personal teaching portfolio (including a video of your practice teaching) in order to present your qualifications in the most professional way possible. You will also have the opportunity to participate in an ‘Overseas Job Search Orientation’, where you will learn valuable information about your job search.

If you are unsure about where you’d like to teach, being in the WESLI environment with ESL students from over 40 countries can help you decide what part of the world you might be interested in. Also, our instructors have taught English abroad, which allows you to find out what life is like for an English teacher in different countries. All of this information can lead to a more clearly focused and productive job search.

A sampling of employers who have hired WTTP graduates:

  • English First – China, Russia, Indonesia
  • Cambridge Academy – Mexico
  • ICL – Brazil
  • James English Schools – Japan
  • Hess – Taiwan
  • Bell – Poland
  • St. James Academy – Czech Republic
  • YBM – Korea
  • CEDEI – Ecuador
  • Linguarama – Germany
  • Idioma International – Costa Rica
  • Bell Schools – Thailand
  • Westgate – Japan
  • Amideast – Tunisia
  • Peace Corps – Africa
  • English Time – Turkey
  • King Saud University – Saudi Arabia
  • RMIT – Vietnam