WTTP Testimonials

“I found a job teaching in Qin Huangdao, China. I am currently starting my second year. I am teaching Oral English at a private school that is affiliated with a Canadian college and Hebei Normal University, I love it! I am in an Olympic city and I hope I find a position teaching English for the 2008 Olympics – at least that’s my goal! I am doing very well and I’m happy with my career change. Thanks again for a great education.”

–Judy VerHage

“I’m teaching in the Middle East and I love it! This is my second year in Oman. The students, climate, lifestyle and scenery are all the best in the Gulf.”

–Melissa Kelley

“The classes I have are a great experience: different group sizes, age groups, language level and focus. I am being offered more classes in evenings, but decided to have some here as well because that’s what Buenos Aires is known for, night life. It is so true! No one eats dinner before 10:30 and goes to bed before 1:00 am. It’s a bit crazy! We have been to some amazing tangos and flamencos. On weekends we try to go to different places. Last weekend we went to Colonia, Uruguay. It was so beautiful! it’s a really picturesque and peaceful place and it’s nice and easy break from the city.”

–Lidka Mikulasova