Course Information

WESLI English Online offers four courses: General English, Business English, Customer Assistance, and TOEFL Preparation

For ONLY $29, you get:

  • ALL 850 lessons!
  • private tutoring for writing.
  • unlimited 24-hour access.
  • a Certificate of Completion.
  • native English speaking instructors.

General English courses prepare students to communicate effectively in English. The exercises are designed to simulate real-life experiences and give the students a better understanding of cross-cultural issues.

General English includes:

  • seven levels from beginning – advanced.
  • reading & vocabulary, grammar, listening, and pronunciation & writing skills.
  • fun, interactive exercises.
  • comprehensive feedback.

Business English courses help students compete in the global business environment. Lessons focus on business topics such as marketing, international business, management and business decorum. Students will feel confident conducting business in English.

Business English includes:

  • four comprehensive courses.
  • reading & vocabulary, grammar, listening, and pronunciation & writing skills.
  • engaging, interactive exercises.
  • comprehensive feedback

 Customer Assistance provides an advanced listening level that measures your ability to comprehend North American spoken English. The topics are industry specific and are designed to simulate dialogues between customers and customer-service agents. The lessons test understanding of main ideas, details and inferences. Each listening selection is followed by comprehension questions.

Customer Assistance includes:

  • nine advanced real-world listening dialogues.
  • detailed information from a variety of topics.
  • comprehension tests for each listening.

TOEFL Preparation courses have been created with one idea in mind: to help you pass the TOEFL test! A TOEFL score is required by more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States for non-native students who want to attend. WESLI English Online TOEFL students will find a variety of reading, structure (grammar), and listening exercises. Comprehensive feedback allows students to self-assess strengths and weaknesses and better prepare for the TOEFL exam.

TOEFL Preparation includes:

  • five different TOEFL preparation courses.
  • listening, grammar & reading skills.
  • courses similar to the actual TOEFL in content and structure.
  • comprehensive feedback.